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Andy Brown and the children going to watch some animals.

4 Wild Animals is the seventh episode of Season 1. It is also the seventh episode of Teletubbies GoAnimate. 
4 Wild Animals





Magical Event

Little Bo Peep and her Sheep

Air Date

July 14, 2013

Preceded by

Old King Cole

Followed by

Little Boy Blue


The Teletubbies play a game called "This Little Teletubby" which has Dipsy going for a walk, Po stays home, Tinky-Winky has Tubby Custard and Laa-Laa has none (or does she?) Then they watch Andy Brown teaching 2 kids about rabbits, turkeys, bears, and pandas. Po is looking up at the sky. A Voice Trumpet rises and sings about it. Some white clouds come and turn grey and it starts to rain. Po hurries inside and watches the rain from her bedroom. When the rain stops, Po goes back outside. She sees a puddle and sees her reflection in it. Finally, the Teletubbies watch Little Bo Peep and her Sheep before Tubby Bye-Bye.


  • Paul - Tinky-Winky
  • Eric - Dipsy
  • Julie - Laa-Laa
  • Shy Girl - Po
  • Brian - Narrator
  • Joey - Voice Trumpet (Male)
  • Zack - Zachary (TV Event)
  • Amy - Mary (TV Event)
  • Dallas - Andy Brown (TV Event)
  • Young Guy - Flowers
  • Ivy - Flowers
  • Princess - Clouds
  • Belle - Little Bo Peep (Magical Event)
  • Zack - Sheep (Magical Event)


  • This is the first appearance of Andy Brown, and Little Bo Peep and her Sheep.


Screenshot 45

Dipsy going for a walk.

Screenshot 46

Po staying home.

Screenshot 47

Laa-Laa in the kitchen.

Screenshot 48

The Teletubbies wanting to play the game again.

Screenshot 49

Dipsy goes for a walk (again.)

Screenshot 50

Po staying home (again.)

Screenshot 51

Laa-Laa at the table.

Screenshot 52

Dipsy coming down the slide.

Screenshot 53

Dipsy goes for a walk (again, again.)

Screenshot 54

Po stays home (again, again.)

Screenshot 55

Laa-Laa sitting at the table (again.)

Screenshot 56

The Teletubbies by the slide.

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Andy Brown with the children in the TV Event.

Screenshot 57

The Voice Trumpet singing about the clouds.

Screenshot 58

Po watching the rain fall in her bedroom.

Screenshot 59

Po goes back outside after the rain stops.

Screenshot 60

Po sees her reflection in the puddle.

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The Teletubbies watching Little Bo Peep and her Sheep.


Teletubbies Episode 7 4 Wild Animals! (GoAnimate)

Teletubbies Episode 7 4 Wild Animals! (GoAnimate)