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The family getting the treats.

Bakery Trip is the third episode of Season 1 and the third episode of Teletubbies GoAnimate
Bakery Trip





Magical Event

3 Ships

Air Date

July 10, 2013

Preceded by

Playing Tennis

Followed by

Family Party


The Teletubbies listen to a Voice Trumpet as it says the rhyme, "How Now Brown Cow?" Then, they watch a family go to a bakery and get some treats. Then, they listen to music indoors. Finally, they watch the 3 Ships before Tubby Bye-Bye.


  • Paul - Tinky-Winky
  • Eric - Dipsy
  • Julie - Laa-Laa
  • Shy Girl - Po
  • Professor - Noo-Noo
  • Joey - Voice Trumpet (Male)
  • Brian - Narrator, Leo (TV Event)
  • Allison - Rosie (TV Event)
  • Kalya - Mommy (TV Event)
  • Zack - Cashier (TV Event)
  • Susan - 3 Ships (Magical Event)


  • This is the first appearance of the Noo-Noo, Mommy (Kalya), and the 3 Ships.
  • This is also the first itme only one adult plays in a TV Event.


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The Teletubbies listening to "How Now Brown Cow?"

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The Teletubbies getting ready for the TV Event.

Screenshot 7

The family about to leave for the bakery.

Screenshot 8

The family walking out of the house.

Screenshot 9

The family walking down the city street.

Screenshot 10

The family arriving at the bakery.

Screenshot 11

The family leaving the bakery.

Screenshot 12

The family walking back up the city street.

Screenshot 13

The family arriving back at the house.

Screenshot 14

The family walking back into the house.

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The family eating their treats.

Mqdefault (19)

The Teletubbies listening to music.

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The Teletubbies watching the 3 Ships.


Teletubbies Episode 3 Bakery Trip! (GoAnimate)

Teletubbies Episode 3 Bakery Trip! (GoAnimate)