Here Come The Teletubbies is the first DVD of the DVD Collection and the first DVD of Teletubbies GoAnimate.

Here Come The Teletubbies



Magical Event

Animal Parade

Followed by

Nursery Rhymes


The Teletubbies are very very happy. Then they have Tubby Toast. Then they watch some children playing in the rain. Then a cloud appears, leaves a puddle and the Teletubbies step in it. Then they watch the Animal Parade. Then Tinky-Winky puts all the Teletubbies Favourite Things in his bag. Then Po has a falling down day. Then someone spilled their Tubby Custard on the floor. Then Laa-Laa has fun watering the flowers with a watering can. Then the Tubby Toaster makes too much Tubby Toast. Then the Teletubbies watched some children playing on the beach. Then a wind blew Dipsy's hat away. It's time for Tubby Bye-Bye.


This is the first DVD of the collection.